Special Session on Awareness Systems

Special Session on Awareness Systems

Session Chairs:

Irene Mavrommati, Computer Technology Institute, Greece, mavrommati(at)cti.gr
Monica Divitini, NTNU, Norway Monica.Divitini(at)idi.ntnu.no

This session aims to facilitate knowledge exchange among the community of researchers interested in the different aspects that come into play within the design, development, and usage of Awareness Systems in Intelligent Environments, creating opportunities for synergies and cross disciplinary insights.

Awareness Systems are systems aiming to help connected individuals or groups to maintain an awareness of the activities and the situation of each other, e.g., their well-being, their availability for interactions, their location, career path, social relationships, or an overview of their activities.  Research in Awareness Systems has grown quite significantly in the last 10 years.  Such research has examined Awareness Systems at work, at home and on the move and has provided explorations from a computer science as well as a design perspective, several working realizations of such systems and reports on the experiences of their use. A growing number of applications (such as IM, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter) are currently widely used by people to stay in touch and to feel connected. A number of experimental or research applications is also developed for awareness in the Intelligent Environment, be it the connected home, office, or pervasive computing environment.

This session attempts to bring together researchers, from a variety of disciplines that contribute to the design and study of Awareness Systems.

Paper submissions are encouraged for (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Awareness services and applications
  • Middleware for pervasive Awareness Systems
  • Virtual, physical, and mixed intelligent environments for awareness support
  • Sense-making in pervasive Awareness Systems
  • Interaction design of Awareness Systems in Intelligent Environments
  • Art and architecture for Awareness Systems
  • Awareness in the context focus of different environments (home, office, learning, on the move)
  • Privacy in pervasive Awareness Systems
  • Lessons learned from the use of Awareness Systems
  • Design Frameworks for Awareness System
  • Awareness in Public and Private spaces
  • Ontologies and their role for Awareness Systems
  • Adaptivity and context-awareness for Awareness Systems
  • Accesibility, transactions for Awareness Systems
  • Taxonomy and typology of Awareness Systems
  • CSCW, Web 2.0 and Awareness Systems
  • Community support for Awareness Systems
  • End User Configuration in Awareness Systems
  • Challenges to the development of Awareness Systems in Intelligent Environments
  • Emergent issues for Awareness Systems

Computer Science and Engineering, Social Sciences, HCI, Art & Design are some of the research areas that are welcomed to submit their research results on Awareness Systems in this session.

Different perspectives in the submitted proposals are encouraged, including technical, philosophical, interaction, artistic, and demonstrations.

Contact Persons:

Irene Mavrommati, mavrommati(at)cti.gr
Monica Divitini, Monica.Divitini(at)idi.ntnu.no

Important Dates:

Deadline for Manuscript Submission: April 3rd, 2009
Acceptance Decisions: April 24th, 2009
Final Accepted Manuscript: May 10th, 2009

You can submit papers via the conference management system. When submitting, check the box next to this session. You can submit the same paper to one session only.