IE09 Conference Programme

DAY 1: JULY 20th
9.30 10.30 The Future Internet in support of Intelligent Environments
Marcus Brunner, NEC Europe
10.30 10.45 Coffe Break

Room1 Assistive and adaptive end-user systems
Michael Weber, Ulm University
“Let them TalkMaths!” Developing an Intelligent System to Assist Disabled People to Learn and Use Mathematics on Computers through a Speech Interface : the TalkMaths and VoiceCalc Systems
Angela Wigmore, Gordon Hunter, Eckhard Pfluegel, James Denholm-Price and Vincent Binelli
Towards Emotion, Age- and Gender-Aware VoiceXML Applications Alexander Schmitt, Tobias Heinroth and Gregor Bertrand
Enhancing Speech Dialogue Technologies for Ambient Intelligent Environments Tobias Heinroth, Alexander Schmitt and Gregor Bertrand
CHAD - Constraint Handling Architecture for Dialogue management Gregor Bertrand, Tobias Heinroth and Alexander Schmitt
The Augmented Dorfladen – Interacting with Real and Virtual Products in Instrumented Shelves Michael Schmitz, Elena Minina and Homeira Quraischy
10.45 12.45 Room2 Domestic robots and smart device ecologies Alessandro Saffiotti, Orebro University
Discovering the home James Dooley, Vic Callaghan, Hani Hagras and Phil Bull
Assessing Temporal Relationships Between Events in Smart Environments Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Antonello Scalmato, Antonio Sgorbissa and Renato Zaccaria
Monitoring Domestic Activities with Temporal Constraints and Components Marcello Cirillo, Federica Lanzellotto, Federico Pecora and Alessandro Saffiotti
Instability and Irrationality: Destructive and Constructive Services within Intelligent Environments Simon Egerton, Victor Zamudio, Victor Callaghan and Graham Clarke
Increasing Reliability in the Development of Intelligent Environments Juan Augusto
12.45 14.00 Lunch
14.00 15.00 Sci-fi prototyping Brian David Johnson, Intel Corporation
15.00 16.30 Room1 Novel and emerging technologies 1 Dolors Royo, Technical University of Catalonia
WADS: A Web Anomaly Detection System Manuel Garcia-Cervigon and Juan Vazquez
A Service Oriented Architecture Combining Agents and Ontologies Towards Pervasive Adaptation Christos Goumopoulos and Achilles Kameas
Creating an Ambient Intelligent Environment with an Emotion-Aware System Sherief Mowafey, Alexander Schmitt, Hani Hagras and Wolfgang Minker
A Speech Recognizer Based Intelligent Agent For Ambient Intelligent Environments Amr ElFaham and Hani Hagras
15.00 16.30 Room2 Intelligent knowledge-based and agent-based systems 1 Michael Weber, Ulm University
Environmental User Preference Learning for Smart Homes Luis Angel San Martín, Víctor Peláez, Roberto González and Antonio Campos
Transferring Learned Activities in Smart Environments Parisa Rashidi and Diane J. Cook
An Approach to Achieve Context-aware Maps: Combining Semantic Web Technology with Sensor Data Xiang Su, Jukka Riekki and Sasu Tarkoma
A Semantic Framework for Adapting Interactive Systems in Intelligent Environments Matthias Bezold
16.30 16.45 Coffe Break
16.45 18.15 Room1 Novel and emerging technologies 2 Martin Colley, Essex University
An Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Based Agent for Multi-Occupant Ambient Intelligent Environments Bahaa El-Desouky and Hani Hagras
An Intelligent System for Extracting Intro and Outré Times in Songs Using Artificial Neural Networks Sarah Elkasrawy, Hani Hagras and Moustafa Nawito
Decision Support System for Hot Spot Detection Esther Salamí, Sol Pedre, Patricia Borenzstejn, Cristina Barrado, Andres Stoliar and Enric Pastor
An Intelligent Scenario For New Unmanned Aerial Systems Joshua Tristancho and Sonia P. Mansilla
16.45 18.15 Room2 Intelligent knowledge-based and agent-based systems 2 Achilles Kameas, Hellenic Open University and Computer Technology Institute
Interleaved Activity Recognition for Smart Home residents Geetika Singla, Diane Cook and Aaron Crandall
Discovering Frequent sets of Actions in Intelligent Environments Asier Aztiria, Alberto Izaguirre, Rosa Basagoiti, Juan Carlos Augusto and Diane J. Cook
Location Aware Distributed Agents in Intelligent Environments Brian Hoyle
Integrating Common Sense in Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems Marios Daoutis, Silvia Coradeschi and Amy Loutfi
20.00 Conference Dinner
Nebulous mechanisms (reading) Brian David Johnson, Intel Corporation

DAY 2: JULY 21st
Awareness systems
Achilles Kameas, Hellenic Open University and Computer
Social connectedness: concept and measurement
Daan van Bel
Media Services in Ambient Environments
Bashar Altakrouri and Andreas Schrader
Awareness for Fostering Serendipitous Interaction in Public Intelligent Environments
Ilaria Canova Calori
Raising Awareness of Energy Consumption in Smart Living Environments
Anton J. Fercher, Martin Hitz and Gerhard Leitner
9.30 10.30 Room2 Posters & Doctoral colloquium
George Roussos, London University
Cipo_09 / music box [hybrid robotic “organism”]
Kostas Daflos
Internalizing Unknown Objects by Means of Perception and Communication in Multi-Agent Systems
Nikolaos Dipsis
The Legal Status of Profiles
Niels van Dijk
Real time adaptivity from Cybernetics to Intelligent Environments: Rewriting the History of Ubiquitous Computing
Katja de Vries
10.30 10.45 Coffe Break

10.45 12.45 Room1 Art and design of intelligent hybrid environments
Dimitris Charitos, University of Athens
The Art of Mobility: How transdisciplinary artists’ projects are testing the boundaries of mobile media design
Martin Rieser
Inhabiting Hybrids: On the Nature of Home Environments
Ralf Hennig
Insights into the design of communicative location-based experiences
Charalampos Rizopoulos and Dimitris Charitos
Information Places: Defining Settings for Locative Media
Katharine Willis
An Application of Swarm Robotics in Architectural Design
Socrates Yiannoudes
10.45 12.45 Room2 Pervasive computing
Fahim Kawsar, Lancaster University
Plan Recognition in Instrumented Environments
Michael Schneider
Synthesizing Datasets for Pervasive Spaces
Andres Mendez-Vazquez, Sumi Helal and Diane Cook
Universal Device Access with FreeMote
Markus Hipp, Thorsten Mahler, Christan Spika and Michael Weber
User Modeling from Basic Events in Interactive Systems for Intelligent Environments
Matthias Bezold
u-Photo Mobile: Interacting with Smart Environments via Clickable Photos on Mobile Phones
Soko Aoki, Masaki Ito, Junichi Yura, Jin Nakazawa, Kazunori Takashio and Hideyuki Tokuda
12.45 14.00 Lunch

14.00 15.00 Wireless sensor networks: the ambient intelligence that will connect the next billion nodes to the Internet
Carles Montenegro, Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona
15.00 16.30 Room1 Digital lifestyles
Victor Callaghan, Essex University
Emotion-aware intelligent environments: A user perspective Iraitz Montalban, Ainara Garzo and Enrique Leon
Exploring Adjustable Autonomy and Addressing User Concerns in Intelligent Environments
Matthew Ball, Vic Callaghan, Michael Gardner and Dirk Trossen
Telco@home: a seamless communication project with a user perspective
Pino Castrogiovanni, Elena Guercio, Alessandro Marcengo, Giovanni Martini and Amon Rapp
15.00 16.30 Room2 Network intelligence
Antionio Barba, Technical University of Catalonia
Perceptual Evaluation of Radio Signal Quality Degradation
Sergey Zablotskiy and Thomas Müller
Localized In-network Detection and Tracking of Phenomena Clouds using Wireless Sensor Networks
Raja Bose and Sumi Helal
Echo State Network for Occupancy Prediction and Pattern Mining in Intelligent Environments
Sawsan Mahmoud, Ahmad Lotfi, Sherkat Nasser, Caroline Langensiepen and Taha Osman
Using Purchase History to Predict Adoption of Mobile Computing
Derek Stanford
16.30 16.45 Coffe Break

17.00 Conference Closing