Intelligent Environments for Disaster and Sustainable Development

Special Session - Intelligent Environments for Disaster and Sustainable Development

Research findings, experience and statistics suggest that natural hazards are becoming more devastating because of their increasing frequency, intensities and growing vulnerabilities associated with defenceless infrastructure, ageing society and inadequately prepared emergency services. Risk is often considered as a complex and intertwined relation between hazards; their location; social, technical and physical vulnerabilities; and the size of the exposed population. This indicates that disaster resilience is a highly complex concept that is difficult to address with the current approaches due a number of constraints.

IoT technology, and approaches commonly referred to as intelligent environments, have been used in order to spread awareness; however, this implementation remains limited and thus it requires further investigation, also towards other phases of the emergencies (e.g., on-the-field response and recovery), also with experts from a wide range of disciplines such as intelligent environment experts, disaster mitigation experts, emergency responders and others.

This special session will explore how Intelligent Environments can help to address the challenges in the area of emergency management. The session will aim at adding a significant value to the current international strategy Sendai Framework for Disaster Risks Reduction 2015-2030 toward which a tremendous amount of work is current being conducted globally by researchers, policy makers and other relevant organisations.

Topics of interest:

  • Big data analytics for disaster resilience systems and predictive models
  • Analytics for disaster risk governance systems
  • Analytics for disaster risk financing systems
  • Smart environments (including Virtual Reality ones) for education systems
  • Emergency and healthcare systems based on IoT and intelligent techniques
  • Early recovery and reconstruction based on IoT and intelligent techniques
  • Protecting critical infrastructure through IoT and intelligent techniques
  • Intelligent and Innovative approaches to enhance disaster resilience
  • The contribution of IoT and intelligent environments to the Sendai Framework for Action 2015-2030

Important Dates