Industry Track

Industry Track

14th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'18) 25-28 of June 2018, Rome - Italy


The industry track brings together participants from academia and industry in a venue that highlights practical and real-world studies of IE. This track aims to foster mutually-beneficial links between those engaged in scientific research and practitioners and allows companies to advertise and promote their innovative products and services, connect with other companies and engage in discussions about research and development initiatives. Experiences from practitioners provide crucial input into future research directions and allow others to learn from successes and failures.

Our interest mainly concerns, but it is not limited to:

  • Real-world success and/or failure stories and evidences
  • Experiences and lessons of state-of-the-art practice reports
  • New and unsolved research challenges derived from practical problems
  • Tech Transfer


The Industrial Track will include the following forms of participation:

  • Lease of a booth for distributing information or for demonstrationpurposes
  • Poster Display
  • Presentation/Demonstration of project results either orally or in other formats
  • Organization of a special session, workshop or a panel/round-table, focused on the company projects and topics of research
  • Organization of a special session, to attract European Projects and to stimulate discussions around the new European Framework for supporting R&D, Horizon 2020, which will include the participation of representatives from the European Commission.
  • Tutorials
  • Company Presentation