Tutorials Programme


This edition of our event will include a number of tutorials co-located with our Workshops programme, each designed to introduce an important cutting-edge theme to people developing their interest in that area, delivered by experts on the following important relevant topics:

  • "Intelligent Services for Advanced Driving Environments" by Dr. Young Chan Kim (BMW Group)
  • "Fog Computing and Sevice" by Prof. Jiman Hong (Soongsil University, South Korea)
  • "Practicability of Power Domain NOMA for 5G Mobile Telecommunication Systems" by Dr. Xin Su (Hohai University, China)
  • "Introduction to KEPCO-KDN Research on Cyber Security" by Prof. Seungwon Lee (Manager, Daejeon Rearch Center, KEPCO-KDN, Korea)



Introduction to KEPCO-KDN Research on Cyber Security



  • Introduce to research on cyber security of electric network from power generation, transmission, distribution to customer.
  • Perform also research on cyber security of distributed resources
  • Implement Research on smart grid security using PKI-based certificate
  • Make preparation for cyber security of 4th industrial revolution using IoT platform


  • Prof. Seungwon Lee
  • Manager, Daejeon Rearch Center, KEPCO-KDN, Korea
  • Doctorial, Ubiquitous System, Seoul Venture University, Korea
  • MBA, Management Information System, Korea University, Korea
  • B.S., Computer Science & Statistics, Chonnam Univerity, Korea
  • Certificate: Korea PE, Korea certificated IS Auditor, CISA, CISSP, Korea certificated ISMS Auditor


2013: A Study on the Design and Implementation of a Digital Evidence Collection Application on Window based Computer, Journal of the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology

2015: Implementation of DNP Security in Distribution Automation System, The IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Security on Cloud (BigDataSecurity 2015)

2015: Design and Implementation of the PKI-based Remote Firmware Upgrade System for Smart Device, International Smart Grid Conference 2015 (ISGC 2015)