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FAQs (to be expanded soon)


Q: IE13x not recognised by IEEE's PDF eXpress system, what do I do?
A: We are experiencing an administrative delay in making PDF eXpress active (step 5 in the submission procedure).  PDF eXpress is an IEEE product and not under the control of ourselves or IEEE CPS.
If PDF eXpress is not active when you submit your paper, then please skip this step and go ahead and submit your papers.  All papers will be checked and verified by IEEE CPS who will notify you if any problems are found with your paper.

Q: I registered in the conference and I later on I may like to register in  a workshop, can I add workshop registration and still enjoy the discount of joint conference/workshop registration?

A: Authors can register simultaneously or separately in conference and workshops. If you have already register for the conference, when registering for the workshop the discount will be applied.  Registration in one workshop gives you access to all workshops.